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    Welcome to Revive Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. We provide Chiropractic Care in North Huntingdon.

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Revive Chiropractic | 724-382-5576 | North Huntingdon, Pa.

Welcome to Revive Chiropractic | 724-382-5576 | North Huntingdon, Pa.

Renew and refresh: that’s the mission of Revive Chiropractic & Rehab, a professional chiropractic clinic. Providing cutting-edge chiropractic services for residents of North Huntingdon and Irwin PA, Revive strives to enhance the quality of your life with unparalleled care. Finding the best chiropractor in North Huntingdon doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck; discover what Revive can do for your life.

Your spinal health merely scratches the surface of Revive’s renewal mission. Although our primary service is chiropractic, our clinic is second to none by providing services beyond the spine. Revive relieves a vast array of everyday aches and discomforts, including headaches, fatigue, sleep disturbances and allergies. If you’re looking to transform your quality of health from the inside out, you’ve found the solution with the best chiropractor in North Huntingdon PA.

Rest assured that your concerns will be carefully evaluated. With cookie cutter approaches to better health and quick fixes at every turn, your treatment plan will be customized and catered to your specific needs. Your health is not one size fits all, and we are dedicated to providing the best service and solutions for our patients.

If you’re ready to take the next step to better health, our experienced team is prepared to take on your pain and discomfort concerns. We hope to inspire patients through education and treatment plans to help you live the healthiest life possible. Revive has a once-and-for-all approach, correcting your health problems that will keep you feeling good for years to come.

It’s time to feel new again: contact Revive Chiropractic and Rehab, the best chiropractor in North Huntingdon and Irwin PA.


Chiropractic Care in North Huntingdon

Revive Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is proud to offer cutting edge Chiropractic Care in North Huntingdon, PA.

Our job is to locate and correct the cause of numerous health complaints such as neck pain, low back / hip pain, headaches, allergies, digestive disorders, asthma, high blood pressure, numbness, leg / arm pain, and stress to name a few. Are you tired of just your symptoms getting treated? Are you looking for a correction once and for all? Then you have finally found the right place! Please give us a call or feel free to explore our site to learn more about our services. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that from your first visit, you will be treated with the care and compassion you would expect from a team of professionals.

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Fatigue | Revive Chiropractic in North Huntingdon Pa.

fatigueFeeling Fatigued? Visit Revive Chiropractic in North Huntingdon, Pa.

Feeling alert and energized doesn’t have to feel like a luxury. In today’s bustling and on-the-go way of life, it’s easy to experience fatigue and rely on caffeine as a crutch. If your body is feeling exhausted and drained, it’s trying to tell you something. Fatigue treatment in North Huntingdon and Irwin PA is available through Revive Chiropractic & Rehab. When you are squeezing every last drop of energy just to accomplish day-to-day tasks, fatigue treatment can boost your energy levels so you can stay awake for what matters most.

Causes of fatigue vary from patient to patient, with common causes stemming from medication, lifestyle, and psychological conditions such as:

  • Diet

  • Current medications

  • Inactivity

  • Lack of exercise

  • Depression

  • Obesity

  • Stress

  • Diabetes

Adrenal fatigue is another common cause of fatigue where you’ll lose your “get up and go”. When you are suffering from adrenal fatigue, this means that you are running in fight or flight mode for most of your days. When your adrenaline source is depleted, you’ll experience a crash and burn episode where your hormones are unable to properly function. Without your body’s ability to balance adrenaline and hormones, you’ll quickly enter a vicious cycle of energy bursts and crashes.

Fatigue treatment is crucial for everyday functioning, whether it’s for work or enjoying time with your loved ones. Feeling stressed, depressed and out of control only contributes to loss of energy. You don’t have to feel alone and overwhelmed by your inability to get things done; we’ll help you manage your symptoms with the best fatigue treatment in North Huntingdon PA.

It’s a common misconception that fatigue will resolve itself on its own. Sometimes, fatigue treatment goes beyond a good night’s sleep. Whether your cause is related to lifestyle, medication or psychological conditions, Revive offers fatigue treatment that re-energizes and restores.



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Lower Back Pain/ Fibromyalgia

"On 12-3-13 I injured my lower back and was unable to work, shop, perform every day activities, or go up and down stairs.  My injury happened immediately when I merely stood up fast, I was unable to stand up straight and felt like I was passing out.  I did physical therapy for 2 weeks without success.  I had 2 nerve blocks without success.  I never believed in chiropractic before but out of desperation I went to Dr. Mullens from a referal of a co-worker.  I also had underlying fibromyalgia which complicated things.  After visiting Dr. Mullens office my lower back pain decreased from a 9/10 to a 2/10.  I have recently visited my Rheumatologist and he was amazed when he saw me as my trigger points are much less painful.  With Dr. Mullens help I have been able to get my life back."

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